We are a dedicated team of professional scaffolders who can skillfully design, install, maintain and inspect scaffolding structures throughout the south of England.  We work in a variety of environments including Domestic, Commercial and Construction. 

The type of Domestic work we have completed in a residential setting would include a small access tower, temporary roof as well as blocks of flats. 


We also have extensive experience of completing scaffolding tasks in Commercial environments, in places like pubs, shops, restaurants, schools and Churches.
These have been hired on a contract as well as on a one off basis.

The site work we have completed includes large one off residential builds through to new multi build residential sites. 

Temporary roofing structures

Premier Scaffolding Southern is fully experienced in providing temporary roofing to suit your requirements. The standard specification sheeting that covers the ...

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Highways work

When carrying out any building or maintenance works which will require scaffolding being placed on the Highway, you are required to ...

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Staging and platforms for events

The flexible and modular nature of our scaffold system lends itself perfectly to creating temporary structures for all purposes. Whether located outdoors ...

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Handrail Systems

When you need a temporary edge safety system that conforms to all safety standards, yet is very easy to assemble and ...

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